15 Dog-Friendly Beaches in the USA for doggy fun!

It’s vacation time, and the moment has come for a beach vacation. But what about your dog? They love beaches more than you do. The mere sight of them wagging their tail as they splash about in the waves is enough to make your day. So why not look for a dog-friendly beach? Fortunately, you will find so many of them scattered all across the US. So here is a list of some of the top 15 dog-friendly beaches in the USA for doggy fun.

1. North Beach, California

North Beach is in the town of Del Mar, California, and it is proud to call itself a dog-friendly beach. Local pet owners know of it, and it is time you too come to know of this beach. This is one of the best beaches for pups and full-grown adult dogs. The seaside location is great for dogs to play about with their humans, and dig some sand. Locals call it “Dog Beach”. You can put your dog off the leash while they frolic and have fun.

2. Jupiter’s Dog-friendly beach, Florida

Jupiter’s dog-friendly beach has all of its two and a half miles which is available for dogs. It can proudly boast of one of the biggest dog-friendly beaches in the whole US. You can put your dog off the leash on this beach. A beach is a great place for humans too. So you can check out Miami Car Rental Under 21 which offers cars to rent to visit this beach. Pooches and humans can just blend well and have a memorable play time on Jupiter’s Dog-friendly beach.

3. Wildwood, New Jersey

Many know Wildwood Beach for its boardwalk and wide expanse of white sands. But it is also one of the dog-friendly beaches in the U.S. Need proof? Head to the direction where they have put up a 25-foot-tall fire hydrant art installation and you will know why. They have areas for dogs that are off the leash and also those who are on the leash. Dogs may not be allowed on the boardwalk, but the path underneath is quite accessible to them.

4. Coronado Dog Beach, California

In case you are heading to Coronado Beach, you should also take your pet dogs along with you. This beach is a perfect place for dogs to have fun. The northwestern part of Coronado Beach is an off-leash area, and you can set your pooch free to play the way they like. Bring a Frisbee along or a Hula-hoop and let them have total doggy fun. There is a dog washing station to clean them up, in case you are going to the nearby dog-friendly restaurants.

5. Cannon Beach, Oregon

It’s playtime for your pooch at Cannon Beach, Oregon. Play fetch with them or take them along for a quiet stroll. Cannon Beach is full of white sands where you can put your dogs off the leash. Your furry friends can have the entire beach for themselves. Hike through the Elk Creek Nature Preserve and spot some chipmunks and squirrels. You can satiate your and your dog’s hunger pangs by visiting a dog-friendly restaurant.

6. Montrose Dog Beach, Illinois

Montrose Dog Beach is right there on Lake Michigan, and it is the first dog-friendly beach in Chicago. Take your four-legged friends to this wonderful beach. You can take off the leash and set them free to play on the sands. There is fencing on three sides so your dogs cannot wander off while having fun. Remember to take the DFA tag and it is also proof of your dogs have been vaccinated.

7. Block Island Beaches, Rhode Island

The one thing that is most amazing about Block Island is that the beaches are open to dogs and pets the entire year. Your canine friends can board the ferry to and from this island. The hotels on the beach also welcome them. So even if you are going there during peak tourist season, you can take your pups and dogs here.

8. Huntington Dog Beach, California

On the northwestern part of Huntington City Beach, dogs have a special place that is all reserved for them. Here they are free to enter and play on this off-leash beach. Huntington Dog Beach is away from all the busy city traffic so dogs can play here with their owners in relative peace. The most amazing part about this beach is that restaurants here have a separate dog menu.

9. Fort Funston Beach, California

Hikers love this beach, but dog owners love this beach for its dunes and ocean waves. Dogs can roam and have a playful time frolicking in the waves. You and your dog will have to do some trekking from the parking area. There are many other off-leash zones here like parts of Ocean Beach, Rodeo Beach at Marin, Fort Mason, etc.

10. Herring Cove Beach, Massachusetts

Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts has dog-friendly boutiques and walking trails, and so is Herring Cove Beach. This beach is a happy playground for them if you come here during the right season. Birds nest here on this beach, so stay informed about their nesting season, as you will not be able to take your dog to this beach. But other times, you surely can visit Herring Cove Beach.

11. Dauphin Island, Alabama

Dauphin Island is a type of barrier island that is situated off the coast of Alabama. The amazing thing about this island is that majority of beach areas welcome dogs. Even Dauphin Island Audubon Sanctuary welcomes them on their trails. Restaurants and vacation rentals are also dog-friendly and you will find dog owners here walking their dogs.

12. Morris Island, South Carolina

Morris Island is a rare beach in South Carolina that is best for dogs. This is an off-leash beach and is accessible only by boat. Bring your dog and you can put them off the leash. But during the nesting season of birds, you can put them on a leash and walk them. A boat ride with your pup will also bring you great joy.

13. Fort De Soto Park, Florida

Fort De Soto Park is in St. Petersburg, Florida. Here dogs and pups can have fun playtime with their owners. The interesting thing about this is there is a large play area for large dogs and an area for smaller dogs. This park has water fountains, sandy banks, and grassy areas where dogs can play. Outside this park is a huge area where you can go on hiking trails with your dogs.

14. Jennings Dog Beach, Connecticut

Dogs can have plenty of playtime at this pristine Jennings Dog Beach. The surf and sand are best for dogs to frolic around. There are washrooms, volleyball areas, picnic tables, and sailboat racks. Dogs are allowed between October to April.

15. Assateague Island, Maryland

Assateague Island is between Virginia and Maryland. Dogs are allowed in the northern part of this beach which falls in Maryland. Dogs on leashes are allowed here. The part that belongs to Virginia has a wildlife refuge for wild animals.


With these stunning dog-friendly beaches in the USA, you will enjoy taking your pooch for a doggy holiday of their own. The joys of having a pet can be doubled if you take your dogs and pups to a dog-friendly beach where they will have plenty of open space, surf, and sand to play and have fun.

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