Components You Can Add With Your Custom Awards

It might be tough to find a suitable trophy or prize. There may be hundreds of options available, as you have found. It might be tough to choose the one that suits your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a primary trophy or one with a few personalized options, we have what you need.


One of the most acceptable ways to customize an award is through engraving on crystal awards, which you can use to show the recipient’s name and the criteria they used to acquire it. You can also enter other material, such as quotes or brand logos.

It is created by scraping away material while cutting through the plaque or award’s surface using a tool with a diamond point. You can do this at an awards shop. Metal awards often have engraving done to them, but glass or acrylic plaques may also have engraving done.

Depending on the metal chosen for the award, it comes in either a bright or dark shade. Consequently, every design may benefit from a sleek, beautiful appearance.

The most popular engraving style, rotary engraving, is best for flat or curved surfaces. Wood, glass, and metal are just a few materials that may be marked with a broader, more profound mark created by laser engraving.


Engraving is similar to etching in that you may customize your award by including a name, a brand, or a quotation. The etching is quite faint and seems to have been carved into the crystal.

An award that has been personalized with the recipient’s name, company logo, or other personalization will have a lasting impression on them. Although the options seem to be limitless, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Consider the award’s size and form when deciding on the sort of personalization you’d want. Clear or colorful glass or crystal shows off the frosted white of the etched sections well. This is an excellent alternative for creating gorgeous patterns and designs for crystal trophies.

Colorfill And Logo Ovals, Squares

Colorfill is yet another option to give an award a unique flair by letting you choose from a wide range of colors based on the recipient and the reason for the award. Your awards will have more impact and notoriety if they have vibrant, full-color logos. You may create an eye-catching object by using this in conjunction with engraving or etching.

You may also use logo ovals, squares, or plaques on your award to feature your company’s logo. There are several sizes and materials to pick from if you’re seeking something special.

Custom Message Plaques

Your custom trophies do not need to be “cookie-cutters” in any way! You can select from a variety of bright metal message plates that prominently showcase your brand’s mascot as well as the specifics of the event.

Any award may be elevated to a higher level of sophistication by including a personalized message plaque, which also draws more attention to your company. Whether you need a monogram for an employee recognition award or you have a trophy or medal that needs to be updated, this is the answer.

Custom Bases

An award’s base gives it an elevated appearance. Consider where your award will be displayed and the message you want to convey before deciding on a base. You may use various materials and finishes to make award bases.

Wooden bases come in various finishes, stains, and forms, making them a popular choice. Any brand or personalization may be engraved or printed in color on the wood bases.

Award pedestals with glass bases are pretty popular right now. The glass may be engraved, colored, or frosted to give it a distinctive appearance. Many various forms, sizes, and thicknesses of glass are available.

For prizes, acrylic bases are a terrific alternative as well. Laser engraving adds a sophisticated touch to acrylic, a cost-effective material. It’s possible to get acrylic in various colors and thicknesses.

A trophy is a great way to recognize your staff for a specific achievement. Once they get their prize, they will feel more valued and motivated. When trophies are given at gala events, they bring instantaneous recognition. It’s almost impossible to go over the top with the design of a trophy without going over the budget.

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