Cricket Pitch – All You Need to Know

Cricket is one of the most widely played games in the world, and the fanbase keeps growing, with many people in the audience joining in on the fun in the streets and bylanes. As a result, worldwide, there are some of the largest cricket grounds built where people come to enjoy the games with friends and family.

Fantasy cricket apps have also been instrumental in attracting a larger audience to the game and making people even more involved. To get a fantasy cricket app and the latest information about the game of cricket, visit app stores on both iOS and Android platforms to get the best live fantasy cricket games that promise a fun experience that you can have on your device.

Returning to the game of cricket, let’s check out all the knowledge you need about cricket pitches. Including some stuff you had not heard about before.

Clay on the Ground

To get the ideal texture or the pitch, the clay content has to be around 50% which is the basic necessity for any cricket playing area. The fine sand has to be less than 5 %, and the pure sand content has to be less than 20% of the entire composite structure. The rest of the pitch comprises silt, which is 20%. The acidic level, denoted by the pH of the ground, is usually maintained between 630 to 730. These values change with the availability of various pitches in the world. Players must adjust their bowling and batting styles accordingly to match the circumstance and evolve in the said situation to give their A-game.

Red Soil Pitch

In cricket pitches in Mumbai, red soil is mostly used, which develops a kind of weak elasticity in the pitch, which adds less bounce to the game of the bowlers. Therefore, batsmen and bowlers have to think about what they can use within their agencies to elevate their gameplay so they can adjust to the new features of the pitch. Moreover, to be able to play on this kind of pitch is a challenge that players must set forth and conquer as they move ahead in the game since the pitch can dry up soon and crumble faster than the dry pitch.

Black Soil Pitch

Pitches with black soil have incredible elasticity, and they last for a much longer time than other pitches. In red soil pitches, grass grows twice, while in black soil pitches, there is no grass intrusion, so you have to learn as you go and improve on your game. Many bowlers prefer black soil pitches as it adds a lot of speed to their ball throws. In addition, it is helpful to the spinners as they aid the player to get an extra spin on the ball so that it amuses and takes the batsman for a shock whenever it hits the ground. Practicing on this pitch can make the game better for all, so be quick to get a hold of the pitch and practice it.

Dry Pitch

This is one of the best pitches to play in cricket and is loved by both batsmen and bowlers. Fast bowlers find it incredibly fun to play on these pitches, and they can maintain their rhythm on such grounds. Dry pitches have only one major concern if the matches are played in the afternoon and the pitch begins to crack because of the excess heat, players can’t gauge which way the ball will go if they land on a crack. This proves to be incredibly hard for players who are batting. It isn’t easy, and batsmen must put on their thinking caps to get the best of the bowlers that are charging in.

Dead Pitch

These are the worst pitches, and you should know how they are in the game so you can recognize them when you can see one. These pitches have no moisture and are cracked on all sides. This pitch is so flat that bowlers have difficulty making good throws at the wicket. Almost no balls make it a straight charge towards the wicket. They always stop in the middle because of the flatness of the ground. Batsmen always have an advantage in these pitches and get the upper hand in every time of crisis.

Flat Track Pitch

A flat track pitch is a kind of pitch that is soft and is usually rolled to make it a playable area. This pitch lacks grass, moisture, and cracks and does not experience fast wear. Flat track pitches are where only a few matches have been played on the pitch, giving a new experience to the players.

Green Pitch

This is one of the best pitches where all players are provided with an equal playing ground. This is because the green pitch has the perfect balance of everything, and the grass that covers the top of the pitch takes time to wear and settle as the game goes on. Therefore, this pitch is great for test matches as the pitch can last without much maintenance for 5 days straight.

Final Words

Cricket pitches are the most crucial things in the game, and it is detrimental that you have the essential knowledge about it anytime you play it. To be better in cricket, you have to know the ins and outs of everything, and having an acute understanding of everything in the game can change how you think about cricket and help you shift any problem to your advantage.

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