Chivalry Of Failed Knight Season 2 Updates and Release Date

Chivalry of a Failed Knight is a Japanese anime series that gained popularity all over the world. The series is the adaption of a novel named Chivalry of a Failed Knight; it is a light novel. Only a single season of this show is present; so, fans are waiting for Season 2 of Chivalry of a Failed Knight.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight aired in 2015, it’s been six years since the first season’s release, and now fans are hoping to see Chivalry of a Failed Knight S2. It is not normal for anime to return after such a long time. In anime, we don’t know any series that has a gap of more than five years. So, it looks pretty tricky, but hope is not lost.

Season 2 Chivalry Of A Failed Knight:

Season 2 of the anime is not confirmed yet. Some sites uploaded release dates for season 2 of the show, but they were all false. The studio or any person connected to the show has not announced any date. For more information 

This anime show has created many names in recent times, which leads to speculation that the creators will cash this chance. Anime lovers expect Chivalry of a Failed Knight anime season 2 to release soon, or at least we will get a release date.

Plot Of Season 1:

This show is an adaptation of a novel of the same name. The story is from a fantasy world where we see an alternative Earth; humans are called “Blazers.” So, humans in this world have superhuman powers; they can create weapons out of their souls. These materialized soul weapons are called “Device.”

The story sets in Japan, our main protagonist Ikki Kurogane lives there. The guy study’s at Hagun Academy. Ikki is considered the worst student of the Hagun, and every year, Academy takes part in an annual tournament. Seven mage knight Academies hold the event. 

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Hagun academy has been performing poorly at this tournament for some time. The director of the Academy is worried about this. He looks for a way to get their name back on top. He has to choose a blazer to represent their Academy. 

Ikki, who is the worst student there, is paired up with Stella Vermillion. Stella Vermillion is the princess of a European country Vermillion. She shares a room with Ikki, and things take a turn when Ikki finds her half-dressed.

Stella chalanges Ikki to a duel. She also sets a rule for whoever loses; that person will have to obey every command of the winner. The duel’s results turn out to be in Ikki’s favor, and now she has to follow his orders. Ikki’s only wish was to be her room friend. She happily agrees to that, and they stay as roommates. Stella is a beautiful Blazer, and together, they outshine each other in the Academy. Their pair becomes the best in the school, and they represent Hagun Academy at the annual tournament held by seven Mage knight Academies.

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Season 2 Updates and Release Date

Release Date Of Season 2:

Season 1 was a great show; all 12 of its episode entertained the audiences. The first season had a great run, but the story didn’t end well; the story is not completer, and therefore, the Chivalry of a failed knight s2 is a must. We hope that someday we get to see it with our eyes.

We have not seen any announcement of the Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2release date. Dates of the season will release after the show gets into production, but there is no update about that but the makers don’t look interested in making the second part of the season.

The first season was not much profitable for the makers as it didn’t do much at the start. If released, the gap between the first and second seasons will be huge, and such a vast gap might be a hurdle in the second season. We shouldn’t lose hope and wish for the Best.

How To Watch The First Season:

Season 1 of this fantastic series is available online for fans to watch. Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2 will also be available on these sites if released. Following is the list of an online platforms to watch your favorite show:


Netflix is the lone king of the online video streaming world, and Chivalry of a Failed knight is also available. You need to purchase a Netflix account to watch any content there. They charge monthly or annual subscriptions for Netflix account. You can watch this anime show after that by purchasing an account. 


Hulu is also an online video streaming platform. It is also a premium site, and one needs to purchase an account to watch movies and other video content on it. It charges a subscription fee for account creation and then a regular monthly or annual price. You can watch this and much more anime series on this site.

123 Movies:

Some people don’t want to spend money to watch movies or television series. They want everything for free, therefore we bring 123 Movies for you, it is a free online streaming site. You can watch hundreds of movies and other video content for free. Chivalry of a Failed Knight is also available on this site, and you can watch this anime for absolutely free. The content available on this site for live streaming is in HD. You can manage your shows in high definition.


So, this article provides you all the details about the Chivalry of a Failed Knight season 2. We talked about the first season and how the story goes. The story was not complete till now, and we want to see it finished in live action.

So, if season 2 releases or any other update, we will inform you about it. The Chivalry of a Failed Knight season 2 episode 1, if aired, we will provide you a link to it first. Let’s hope that we get to see the second installment of the show.

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