8 Best Calendar Apps For iPhone

If you’re on the lookout for the best calendar app for iPhone, we’ve got you covered! From Fantastical – the power user’s choice – to Calendars 5 – perfect for busy people, there’s a calendar app for you. And finally, we have Google Calendar – a calendar and project planner, perfect for Gmail and Google Suite users.

Fantastical – made for power users

Fantastical is a calendar app for macOS that lets you configure multiple calendar views and task lists. You can also create separate personal and work calendars. The calendars in Fantastical can sync with multiple calendar services. You can even assign defaults to each calendar set. You can switch between these sets by long-pressing on the calendar or tapping it.

You can invite other people to your events through Fantastical. It will send an email to them and show them who’s confirmed and who hasn’t. If you’re unable to make it to the meeting, you can suggest an alternative time. Similarly, the person you invite can propose another time.

Fantastical is available for Macs running OS X 10.6 or later. It has many advanced features, including a Today widget, action extensions, and sharing. It also integrates with iCloud reminders and iCloud calendars. It also features a new Calendar Sets feature that lets you toggle between multiple visible calendars. You can also tie your calendars to different locations.

Calendars 5 – ideal for busy users

Calendars 5 is a powerful all-in-one solution that lets you manage your life and schedule with just a glance. You’ll be able to see upcoming to-dos and avoid overbooking with this minimalist calendar app. It is free to download and works on iPhones and iPad.

The interface is intuitive and supports natural language input. It shows upcoming tasks and events in list form. It even has an offline mode that allows you to edit and delete events on the go. The application syncs with your online calendars to provide an offline version of your schedule. It’s great for busy users who want a mobile solution that will let them manage their schedule and keep up to date.

Unlike other calendar apps, Calendars 5 supports natural language processing, which means you can input text and see it appear on the screen. For example, you can create a reminder by typing a name and pressing the enter key. However, if you want to create a reminder for a specific day, you’ll have to set the reminder to be created using the “Remind me on a day” setting in your calendar.

Informant 5 Calendar – calendar + project planner

Informant 5 Calendar is an application that helps you create a calendar and project planner. It is a free app available for the iOS platform. The app belongs to the Office Suites & Tools category and is developed by Fanatic Software, Inc. It offers a variety of calendar features to meet all of your planning needs.

This app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and view upcoming events and tasks. Moreover, it has a template option for making frequently used tasks and appointments. It allows you to customize the design of reminders. There are various icons you can choose from, according to the importance of the task or event.

Besides the calendar feature, this app also comes with a notification center. It lets you know about upcoming events so that you can plan your day accordingly. It also supports offline sync and drag-and-drop event management. You can even invite other people to attend your events.

Google Calendar – for Gmail and Google Suite users

Google Calendar is a scheduling and time management tool that makes it easy to schedule events and invite others. Users can create events, edit them, and set reminders. These reminders can be email or mobile push notifications. Additionally, they can invite others to events, which lets them know in advance when the event is happening. Users can also set calendars that display special occasions and enable or disable their visibility.

With Google Calendar, you can add events from other calendars to your calendar. These events can be recurring events, canceled, or modified. You can also tweak your notification settings to receive email alerts or text messages. You can also add a specific color to mark specific events.

Users can switch between multiple accounts from within the same calendar. This makes managing multiple accounts easier. It also ensures consistency across Workspace apps. However, administrators can turn this feature on or off. They can also delay its promotion for users by adjusting their settings. Users can expect this new feature to be available from October 26.

Things 3 – for keeping your tasks and calendar tog

Things 3 is a task management app for iOS. It is free and works on all Apple devices. However, it does not offer a web app. This makes the app a little less versatile, but you can still use it from any Apple device with an Apple ID. This app has several features. One of them is a customizable homepage and working space. Another feature is the ability to export projects from Things 3 to Apple Reminders.

The interface is easy to use. The new Things 3 design is cleaner and more intuitive than previous versions. You can quickly navigate between tags and lists by typing. The interface is aesthetically pleasing, and the keyboard has been upgraded to simplify typing. It also includes keyboard shortcuts for organizing lists and tasks.

Things 3 has a built-in calendar. It displays upcoming tasks, recurring tasks, and appointments, all in one app. You can even set a specific time to complete a task. Another feature of Things 3 is the ability to set reminders for tasks and events. You can also add notes or checklists to any task.

Timepage – for beautiful design and function

Using a calendar to organize your day is an indispensable part of life, and Timepage helps you stay on track and remember important dates. Its simple interface and diverse options allow you to view events in a single color or slide through a calendar for a more comprehensive view.

To get started, download Timepage for iOS from the AppStore. First, you’ll need to set up your default calendar. This will help the app get the data it needs, but if you’re running a different calendar, you can import it. Once you’ve set it up, Timepage will display the current date, upcoming events, and a weather graph. You can also view a forecast by sliding your finger over the weather graph for a specific day.

Timepage also works well with many third-party apps. For example, it can integrate with your Gmail account and integrate events from Gmail. It also offers a widget that places your tasks on the home screen. Another great calendar app for iPhone is BusyCal, which offers a flexible calendar with multiple calendar options to manage your busy schedule.

Busycal – for flexible calendar options

BusyCal combines a calendar with to-do items, calendar views, and event management into a single app. It is flexible and customizable, letting you choose how you want to view events. You can also customize font faces, colors, and time formats. The app also includes an info panel that displays detailed information for events.

BusyCal is available on both Mac and iOS. Its menu bar app has mini-month calendars and a scrolling event list. While it’s not as comprehensive as Fantastical, it still allows you to edit events without opening the main application. It also includes a travel time calculator and works with Mac Maps and Mac Location Services.

BusyCal also has support for Zoom, a leading online video conferencing solution. Its integration with Zoom makes it easy to add Zoom calls to events. Zoom links are added to the event notes, and you can even invite Zoom users directly from BusyCal. Additionally, BusyCal integrates with To Dos and displays them on the calendar. These To Dos appear on the due date and remain on your calendar until they have been completed. The app also supports Timed To Dos.

Apple Calendar for a simple free iPhone calendar

Apple Calendar is a free iPhone calendar app that comes preinstalled on the iPhone and iPad. It’s very simple to use. Simply open it and you’ll see the current month in the dock at the bottom of your screen. You can also set how many days you want to see. You can also add and remove days from the week, and you can choose when to start the week.

The app works across all Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It shows you your schedule, tasks, and availability for the day, week, and month. It also has drag-and-drop event management, which makes it easy to organize and view events. The interface is clean and easy to use, and you can customize its appearance with a few clicks. There’s also a feature that lets you see upcoming events by color.

Apple Calendar also syncs with other calendars, such as Google and Outlook. It also allows you to add and edit events, and even create iCloud calendars. And it also syncs with Maps, making it easy to keep track of your meetings and appointments. And thanks to its integration with Siri, you can manage your calendar through voice commands.

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