Black Anime Girl Characters

Black anime girl characters have become a big deal lately. Not only are they showing Black representation in anime, but they’re also creating more role models for young girls to look up to.

But, what anime shows have Black main characters? Let’s take a look at some of the best!

Arquivo para Yoruichi Shihoin - Critical Hits

Yoruichi Shihoin Bleach

Yoruichi Shihoin is a supporting character from Tite Kubo’s manga and anime series Bleach. She is a former captain of the 2nd Division and the commander of the Punishment Force, who has since abandoned her command positions and resides with her friend Kisuke Urahara in the Human World.

She is one of the most diverse characters in the series, having a number of unique powers and abilities that set her apart from other characters. She is a highly skilled Zanpakuto user, and can use flash steps (Shun Hong, shunko), which concentrates high-pressure kido energy around her body and fires it at opponents.

In addition to this ability, she has a knack for hand-to-hand combat, as well as a skill with Spiritual Pressure. She is also known for her ability to control reiryoku, and she uses this to completely overwhelm Yammy Llargo in the Human World, and even keeps Sousuke Aizen at bay for a while.

She is a very bold and forward girl character, and is always ready to launch into action. She is quick to attack and physically hurt her enemies, especially when she’s angry. She is also very team-oriented, and will often encourage her subordinates to reach their potential.

How to beat Iris in Pokemon Black and White 2


Iris is one of the most well-known black anime girl characters. She’s a Gym Leader in the Unova region and specializes in using Dragon-type Pokemon. She eventually became a League Champion.

Her name is derived from the flower, Iris, which is found in Africa and North America. The iris is also a symbol of power and majesty, so it was only natural that she would be named after the flower.

She is a very bubbly, fun character and won the hearts of many fans. Her sassy personality and her ability to defeat the opposing team of Trainers made her a favorite.

However, she was a bit difficult to get along with and she sometimes fought with Ash too much. This caused her to lose some viewers’ affection.

Her Pokemon, Axew, was a small and powerful dragon that could dish out some big attacks but didn’t take a lot of damage back. This is why many trainers loved her and she quickly became a fan favorite girl.

Eureka Seven - Highs and Lows - I drink and watch anime

Hilda Eureka Seven

Hilda is a support character in Eureka Seven. She’s a strong black female character through and through. She’s a bit bossy but never takes any BS from anyone. She’s a good example of how anime can represent the black community in a positive light.

The Eureka Seven franchise was a unique one in anime because it combined elements of 1960s counterculture with a mecha story to create something that felt original. It was also a childishly naive story, but it still had a strong message of fighting for the right thing and finding love.

Eureka Seven is one of the first sci-fi mecha animes to be adapted for US television via Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Block. It was originally broadcast in Japan from 2005 to 2006 and produced by acclaimed animation studio BONES.

In Hi Evolution: Eureka, Hilda is a pilot for Gekkostate who is responsible for maintaining their inventory of supplies and parts. She is a calm, wise, and friendly woman who acts as Talho Yuuki’s best friend.

She has a big afro and her hairstyle is very natural looking girl. She’s a strong black girl who doesn’t take BS from anyone. She’s incredibly important to the series and her character deserves more screentime.

Promised Neverland Bonus Chapter Explores Krone's Backstory

Sister Krone The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland’s Sister Krone is a complicated girl character. In fact, she might be the poster child for the tangled web of controversy surrounding black anime characters.

Krone was a tough-looking young girl who possessed a muscular physique and intimidating facial expressions. She also had a large smile that was often bright and warm. She had short black hair in an afro and brown eyes with long bottom eyelashes.

She was a member of the Grace Field House orphanage and a part of the staff, working under Isabella. She was initially admired and respected by Isabella, but became jealous of her position as “Mama.” This desire to dominate the orphanage led her to plot against her.

As a young girl, she was good friends with another female character in the series, Cecile. They had a strong sister-like bond, which is why she referred to her as her “precious little sister” in her last moments.

Watch Magic Knight Rayearth | Prime Video

Caldina Magic Knight Rayearth

Caldina is a dancing girl with a deadly passion for money. She speaks with an Osaka accent and wears skimpy clothes.

She is an expert dancer and illusionist, using her graceful form and ringing jewels to bewitch people. She also possesses the ability to hypnotize people.

Her magic spells charm the enemies, making them feel, hear and see what she wants. She has an extensive list of tricks to enchant her victims including spreading a magic perfume on them, using a fan to bewitch them and performing illusions while holding up a mirror to make them look like she’s smiling.

In the anime, she is quite close to Ascot, whom she treats as a naive younger brother. As she becomes more aware of good feelings, friendship and generosity, she stops fighting the girls.

She is also friends with Princess Emeraude’s former bodyguard Lafarga, as well as the bold swordsman Ferio. She helps the Magic Knights in many ways, as she is an accomplished dancer and skilled in illusions and hypnosis.

Carole Stanley is an outgoing orphaned girl who works multiple (short-lived) part-time jobs in order to survive in Alba City. Her determination, passion and quick-wittedness help her navigate any situation she comes across. However, her straightforwardness can also cause problems in delicate situations or when dealing with bad people.

Review: Netflix anime is clear and melodic | The Ithacan

Carole Stanley Carole Tuesday

She is a member of the singer-songwriter duo CAROLE & TUESDAY, which was created by the creators of Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist. She is an anime girl character with a cute charm and charming voice by Miyuri Shimabukuro in Japanese and Jeannie Tirado in English.

In a world where music is created by AIs, Carole and Tuesday believe in writing their own songs and showing the world that human-made songs can still touch the heart. But achieving their dreams will be difficult.

Meanwhile, Angela Carpenter is engaged as a “puppet” singer by the AI media mogul Tao. Her training is uncomfortable and she is often left feeling alone. She tries to comfort Crystal, an old friend of her mother Dahlia who is in a coma, but she passes away the day she leaves for a recording session with Tao.

Eureka Seven – All the Anime

Gidget Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven is a sci-fi mecha anime that was first broadcast in Japan and later picked up for US airings. It was produced by acclaimed animation studio Bones and released on Crunchyroll, both subtitled and dubbed.

It’s a fantastic series, with excellent high-speed battle scenes and a brilliant story that’s full of twists and turns. However, it suffers from a rather derivative quality that is made all the more evident when you look at how much it borrows from shows like Eva and RahXephon.

Despite this, Eureka Seven is a great series and there are many memorable and likable characters to be found within its world. These characters are the reason why Eureka Seven is a must-watch anime series.

Gidget is a bit of an airhead, but she’s also cheerful and eager to please. She’s a little bit of a flirt, but she won’t take things too far and always goes out of her way to protect others’ feelings.

Gidget has a romantic interest in Moondoggie, although they didn’t engage in a relationship until season two. They’re a cute couple and it was nice seeing them finally get together in this anime.

Pin on Beautiful Digital Goddess

Urd Oh My Goddess

Urd is Belldandy’s older half sister and Yggdrasil System Administrator. She has a lot of insight, smarts and plenty of wit. Her sardonic, often antagonizing antics appear to be negative at first, but always turn out for the better.

Her impulsiveness makes her act without fully considering the consequences, but she’s a great believer in the principle that ‘End justifies Means’. She once stole Sleipnir to get a cure for her sick sister, but it took eight days to master riding it.

Despite her mischievous and headstrong nature, she’s very devoted to her sisters. In fact, she’s so dedicated that she tries to help Keiichi and Belldandy’s relationship progress at a faster pace than it is.

She’s also a bit sexy and flirty, which isn’t surprising considering she’s a goddess. She can also be very manipulative, which is why she’s not a good choice to take Keiichi and Belldandy’s romantic relationship to the next level.

She also has a tendency to lie, which is not uncommon for a goddess. In addition, she’s a do-gooder at heart, which means she can easily be taken for granted by other characters.

Bleach: Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila Rose, Cyan Sung-Sun | Quimra Parca |  Espada Release Form - YouTube

Mila Rose Bleach

A hot-headed and sadistic Arrancar member of Tier Harribel’s Fraccion, Mila Rose is a ferocious fighter. She is one of the hottest Black female characters in Bleach and fans have made her an integral part of the series’ success.

Before becoming a Numeros, Mila Rose was an Adjuchas Hollow that resembled a lion. She, along with Cyan Sung-Sun, was part of Tier Harribel’s group before Sosuke Aizen recruited them.

She is also known for putting pressure on lieutenant-level soul reapers, but her overwhelming strength isn’t the only thing that makes her intimidating. Her smug look and cold girl, icy stare are a great way to intimidate her enemies.

In this fan art piece, ahodak reimagined Mila Rose with a more western comic book style than the Japanese art she is most associated with. It’s a fantastic interpretation of her girl character that still captures her tough, savage personality. She also manages to keep her appearance quite girl feminine, which is a nice touch considering how brutal she can be when fighting. The artist has also done a good job of depicting the members of Tres Bestias, which gives them plenty of personality.

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water: Popular 90s Anime Series Acquired by GKIDS

Nadia Nadia: The Secret Of The Blue Water

Nadia is a young, orphaned dark skinned circus performer who possesses a mysterious blue jeweled pendant called the Blue Water. She and Jean, a warm-hearted French inventor, start traveling via his unreliable aircraft in search of both Nadia’s origin and the secret of the Blue Water.

Featuring a lot of action, great girl character development and an epic battle between Captain Nemo and the masked villain Gargoyle, Nadia is a classic anime girl that can be counted on for both awesomely epic action and touching emotionality. It has a pedigree that includes Hideaki Anno and GAINAX and was loosely inspired by Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

Nadia starts out as a cold, insular young girl who is very suspicious of grown-ups due to her unhappy childhood. She is quickly redeemed by the crew of the Nautilus who restore her trust in them and help her find her true origins. Nadia becomes a nicer and more empathetic person as she grows closer to her new friends, who help her uncover the secrets behind the Blue Water and Nemo’s secret war against Gargoyle and Neo Atlantis.

Kill la Kill Ep. 25: Sea change at Honnouji Academy | Moe Sucks

Rei Houourmaru Kill La Kill

As an avid fan of the anime girl series Kill la Kill, I’ve been fascinated with Rei Hououmaru. She’s dark skinned, with purple hair and a very professional look, but she also seems to have an affection for Ragyo Kiryuin (whom she owes everything to).

As the series progresses, we learn that Rei is actually Nui Harime’s secretary at COVERS. During her years in the company, she’s been treated like a slave and viewed as nothing more than a commodity to be used for her boss’ needs.

However, when she is confronted by Ryuko Matoi, she is able to see that Nui has been manipulating her. She reveals that her boss is actually her father’s killer, which gives her a motive to fight for Ryuko and Satsuki.

Once she realizes her own worth, Rei decides to help Ryuko and Satsuki defeat Ragyo once and for all. On her journey, she gains new friends and witnesses some amazing battles. With a little patience, she might even find the strength to get back what Ragyo took away from her.

Reference Emporium on Twitter: "Screenshots of Miyuki Ayukawa from Basquash.  Album" / Twitter

Miyuki Ayukawa Basquash

Anime is usually dominated by white or Asian girl characters, but there are times when black girls make an appearance. While they are rare, seeing them adds a different perspective to the show and makes it more enjoyable.

One of those anime girl characters is Miyuki Ayukawa, Dan JD’s childhood sweetheart and mechanic for Team Basquash in the Basquash! series. She’s a beautiful and smart black girl who grew up secretly admiring Dan.

Her best features are her eyes, which stand out a lot thanks to that striking contrast of color violet against dark skin. She also has a beautiful figure and well-endowed body.

When she returned to Rolling Town after her family moved away, she gave Dan and his team a Big Foot and taught them how to pilot it. She was a skilled mechanic and she had deep girl feelings for him even though he was oblivious to it. She later redesigns the team’s Big Foots, making them more flexible and agile. Eventually, she became an official member of Team Basquash.

Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There Episode 15 Review - Crow's World of Anime

Yao Ro Dushi GATE

Yao Ro Dushi, formerly known as Yao Haa Dushi, is a 300-year-old dark elf from the Dushi Clan. She seeks the JSDF’s aid when the same dragon that attacked Tuka’s village moves to the forest where her tribe lives, becoming a threat to them.

Like most of her fellow dark elves, she is worshipped by Hardy, but after learning that her goddess was responsible for the Flame Dragon’s rampage, she changes her religion to Rory Mercury. She now believes in the power of her patron deity and can now speak to him, feeling more at ease.

She is very skilled with a blade, using a curved sword as her primary weapon. She is also skilled with a bow, able to hit her target at 300 meters. She is later taught by Itami on how to use firearms, and becomes Itami’s group sniper.

Yao Ro Dushi is a very somber and grimly determined person who will do anything for vengeance against Flame Dragon. She makes a great addition to Itami’s party and is a character who deserves to be in this list of black anime girl characters.

Urd from Ah My Goddess

Hild Oh My Goddess

Hild (hirudo Hirudo) is Urd’s mother, the Ruler of Demonkind, and one of the most powerful girl demons in the universe. Her power dwarfs even that of Urd and Skuld. She is a very mean-spirited goddess, but also has a lot of empathy and love for her daughter.

She is also very witty, and she is a good judge of girl character. Despite her immense power, she always keeps her power limited to prevent her from killing any of the goddesses or their doublets.

Another thing that I like about her is that she doesn’t have a hard time speaking up when she doesn’t agree with something. She doesn’t take BS from anyone.

Bitch Slap Fu: Belldandy uses this a few times in the manga, including once when she attacks a demon that was trying to hurt Keiichi. She did so without asking any questions, just slamming her hand into it.

She also uses it a few times in the OVA and TV series, including once when she slammed her hand into a demon that was trying to harm Keiichi. She did so without telling any of the other characters, and it was a pretty cool action scene that shows she’s just as strong as Keiichi.

Alan Mercer on Twitter: "Atsuko Jackson and Michiko Malandro, from Michiko  to Hatchin. It's a pretty underrated series, I recommend it. #whitevember" / Twitter

Atsuko Jackson Michiko To Hatchin

If you’re looking for a tough and resilient Black female anime character, Atsuko Jackson Michiko To Hatchin is one to consider. This Afro-Diamandran policewoman turned outlaw vigilante who grew up in the same orphanage as Michiko is a grittier and more complex villain than you might think, but her girl character has a strong backbone that makes her a worthy adversary for Michiko.

When Michiko breaks out of a high security prison, she sets off on the run from her childhood nemesis Atsuko Jackson and the police. She soon dubs Hana Morenos Hatchin and together they head across country to find her former lover and Hana’s father Hiroshi Morenos.

They get into trouble, but they also learn that the truth about Hiroshi doesn’t match their rosy picture of him. Michiko becomes forlorn and starts to lose faith in Hiroshi, but Hatchin rallies around her. Their road trip to Sao Paraiso is one of the series’ most exciting episodes, as they illegally cross the border into the country and find out that Hiroshi may have a soap opera role to offer to a television crew who would love to cast Michiko in it.

My Shiny Toy Robots: Anime REVIEW: Michiko & Hatchin

Michiko Milandro Michiko To Hatchin

Michiko Milandro is a wild child who has a lot of personality. She is very loud and has a hard time keeping her temper, especially if she doesn’t get what she wants.

She’s a ruthless fighter, and she can easily take down an entire squad of armed police officers without even using a gun. She’s also got a strong tactical sense and can use her skills in any situation.

Her wild streak is often exhibited by her constant travel, and she wears a variety of outfits to show off her body. She also has a tattoo on her stomach that matches Hatchin’s and Hiroshi’s, but it is not known what it means.

She has a very complicated relationship with Atsuko Jackson, who she grew up with in an orphanage. They have a rivalry but Atsuko does some things to try and protect Michiko. Examples include letting her live after confronting her at gunpoint, trying to talk Michiko out of chasing Hiroshi and making a deal to let Hatchin be with her father in exchange for turning herself in.

Hunter x Hunter: Canary's Powers & Abilities, Explained

Canary – HunterXHunter

Throughout Hunter X Hunter, Canary has shown to be an incredibly useful ally for Killua. She has even gone so far as to help him become a stronger Nen user.

In fact, Killua has a soft spot for Canary and has called her one of his precious friends at times. This makes her a character that can hold a special place in the hearts of fans, regardless of whether or not she has any power in herself.

The world of anime is a huge one and it can be difficult to find black characters that make an impact on the show. However, there are a few series that have made the jump to adding more diversity and girl character representation. This is a great step in the right direction, especially as the world moves to becoming more inclusive.

Carole & Tuesday (TV Series 2019) - IMDb

Carole – Carole & Tuesday

The latest anime from Shinichiro Watanabe, Carole – Carole & Tuesday is a refreshingly original series that explores two girls pursuing their dreams in a world that doesn’t understand them. It’s not quite like Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, but it’s a pretty interesting take on the genre and the characters are all very well-written.

The story follows Carole, a determined girl who has been orphaned and always dreamed of becoming a musician. She lives in Alba City, Mars, and plays the piano and keyboard while also skateboarding. She has a lot of inspirations such as Beyonce, Adele, and Aretha Franklin, but her biggest goal is to become a professional musician.

Her life becomes much more difficult when she meets Tuesday, a girl from a wealthy family who has a different dream of becoming a musician. They share a strong bond as they begin to pursue their dreams together.

They both face adversity when it comes to their music career, including the racist actions of her mother, but they manage to find a way to work through it. The relationship between the two girls is one of the most emotionally invested ones I’ve seen in anime, and it’s a refreshing change from the typical romances that seem to be rife with drama and conflict.

Casca is beautiful in the 97 Anime : r/Berserk

Casca – Berserk

Berserk, a manga series created by Kentaro Miura, is known for its grim, bloody art. Thankfully, there are still moments of light humor throughout the story.

One of these moments comes when Guts and Casca make love, despite their differences. It’s a scene that shows Guts and Casca both have genuine feelings for each other, but they aren’t yet ready to go public with it.

In this case, the two mercenaries’ mutual respect is what fuels their romantic tension. And although they aren’t yet ready to go all the way, Casca and Guts do end up together in Berserk.

Unlike many anime girls, however, Casca doesn’t simply idolize her male counterpart. Instead, she wisely realizes that he will never reciprocate her adoration, and she eventually moves on. This can be a tough lesson for anime girls, but it’s an important one that Casca successfully learns from. It’s also one of the main reasons why she ascended to become the second most respected member of the Band of the Hawk. Besides, Casca is a great example of how action heroines can balance their strength with a warm maternal side.

Cannon Busters (TV Series 2019) - IMDb

S.A.M. – Cannon Busters

Cannon Busters is a high-octane road trip anime that throws its motley crew of robots, mechs and droids into a series of frenetic situations imbued with a heavy dose of stylised carnage and dark comedy. It’s a mishmash of concepts that include road trips, constant brushes girl with danger, droids, robots and mechs, and immortal loudmouths, but it delivers the kind of chaotic narrative reminiscent of the old-school American comic book concept.

Sam is a sophisticated companion robot from the city of Botica who was separated from her best friend Prince Kelby, the heir to the kingdom of Botica and his junk mechanic best girl friend in a walled-off city called Gara’s Keep. She’s on a mission to reunite with her friends, but there are many dangerous enemies in their way including a mysterious fraternity and an evil magician who has captured Kelby.

SAM’s naiveté and optimistic attitude are matched by her ability to transform into a series of Cannon Buster forms depending on the situation, from shooting cannons from her mouth area to transforming into an all-out war golem. She’s also able to use a variety of weapons, including a sword and a bow, and has a powerful sense of smell and hearing.

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