Best health tips that are important for every woman

Women who are experts in taking good care of family members are ahead in ignoring themselves.  From food and drink to health, carelessness is taken everywhere, but just think if you are not well then who will take care of the rest of the family members.While being busy in everyday life, there are some ways where you can take care of yourself while taking care of others.  Let us tell you what kind of health tips you can follow to stay healthy.

 1- Think positive, stay away from depression (Be Positive and Avoid Depression)

 What are you doing right, what is wrong, who likes what or not, whether there is anything wrong with you or what will anyone say about you, whether you are a good wife and mother or not. these are some of the ups and downs that everyone goes on in the mind of the woman.  This thinking becomes depression, so overcome it and think positive.  Without positive thinking, no doctor can be successful in treatment.

 2- Increase the calcium intake

 Women between the ages of nineteen and fifty need 1000 mg of calcium per day.  So take an adequate amount of calcium in your diet.  So that there is no problem related to bones.  If needed, calcium medicine can also be taken on the advice of a gynecologist.

 3- Get enough sleep

 It is very important to get enough sleep to overcome the fatigue of the day and to stay away from mental stress.  Sleep on time at night.  At least six to seven hours of sleep is essential.

 4- Make exercise necessary (Physical Exercise)

 Make exercise a part of your routine. Do yoga, pranayama, morning walk, or cardio at your convenience.  But do exercise.

 5- Get a massage

 Get a body massage once a week. Whether go to the parlor or take it with the help of someone at home.  This will relax the body muscles and you will feel more healthy.  It will also prove beneficial for your skin.

 6- Consume one fruit daily

 Eat any one fruit everyday fruits are very good for your health and keep them strong inside. Fruits are also important because women often neglect their food.  Stale food is a major drawback for women.


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 7- Sunlight is also important (Importance of Sunlight)

 Like calcium, vitamin D is also very important. Because of nutrient D, bones can retain calcium.  Therefore, take at least 10 minutes of sunlight every day.  This will strengthen your bones.

Best health tips that are important for every woman

8- Blood Sugar Test

 From time to time do a blood sugar test, according to which you can make changes in your diet.

 9- Cholesterol Test

 A cholesterol test is also very important.  Because women are more prone to heart disease and breast cancer.  Therefore, this test is necessary to avoid this doubt.  This becomes even more important for women who reduce physical exertion.

 10- For Healthy Bones

 More and more walking, dancing, cycling are some of the procedures that you should do.

 11- Meet Friends

 Dont stay locked inside the house.  To be alone is to invite diseases.  Go out with friends once a week.  Laugh, talk and breathe the open air.

 12- Complete Body Check at least once a year

 Get a full-body test done once a year.  This includes everything from dentists to genetic tests.

 13- Enough Hemoglobin Count

 Make sure that your hemoglobin is correct.  Due to this too many times, there may be a weakness, dizziness, lack of mind in any work, etc.  Include green leafy vegetables and iron-rich food in your diet.

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