Things To Consider Before Choosing the Best Eyeglass Frames

When you need to replace your eyeglasses, you must choose the best eyeglass frames available to suit your face and your personality. Too many people simply buy whatever eyeglass frames they find in their price range, but there are so many aspects of these frames that you should consider before making your final decision. 

Choosing the perfect eyeglass frames can be difficult, whether youre picking them out on your own or working with an optometrist to get fitted for new specs. There are so many options out there that it can be hard to know which ones are right for your face shape and color preferences, so here are the things you should keep in mind before choosing the best eyeglass frames.

Choosing the right pair of eyeglass frames can feel overwhelming when youre staring at the sea of options in your local optometrists office or when youre browsing the selection online and cant tell the difference between the different styles and shapes. 

With so many choices out there, its essential to know what you want before you start shopping so that you dont waste money on frames you dont like or need. Here are some factors to remember when shopping for the best eyeglass frames at the lowest price possible. These become your helping hand when you wish to land on the perfect eyeglass frames. Lets take a look at them!

1. Pick a Frame That Compliments the Shape of Your Face

Here are a few things to consider when picking out your perfect eyeglass frames. Think about what kind of shape your face is.  This is one of the most important things to consider. Do you have a round, oval, square, or heart-shaped face? If you have an oval-shaped face, for example, pick something that is fairly narrow and rectangular. 

Round faces work well with oval glasses frames; if you have a square-shaped face, try to find something rounder or wider than it is tall. You may also want to consider that if you have an angular jawline, then anything angular can work as well. What color do you like? Black and brown seem very popular, but they arent the only colors out there!

  • Make Sure the Color of the Frame Goes Well With Your Skin Tone and Hair Color

Choosing the perfect frame can be a daunting task, especially if youre not sure what to look for. Before considering a purchase, ask yourself the following questions:

- What color skin tone do I have? 

- What color of hair do I have? 

- How would these colors work with my outfit?

- What shape of glasses frames do I usually wear (square, round, oval)?

- What size glasses do I wear?

With all these questions in mind, it will be easier to find a pair of eyeglasses that fits your style and needs perfectly.

  • Choose a Frame Material That Is Durable

Choosing a frame material that is durable and will hold up well to regular wear and tear can help you avoid the hassle of replacing frames. Plastic frames are often less expensive, but they do not have the durability of metal or acetate frames. 

Metal frames will hold up to more abuse than plastic, but they are also typically more expensive. Acetate frames are a nice middle ground as they tend to be strong and reasonably priced, making them good for people who need glasses on a regular basis.

  • Choose a Look That You Feel at Ease Wearing

Choose a style that you feel comfortable wearing day in and day out. You want the frames to represent who you are and not make you look like someone else. The size of your face is also important to consider when selecting eyewear. A frame with a larger lens will be more flattering on a smaller face, while a frame with a small lens will be more flattering on someone with a larger face.

Make sure the shape of the frame complements your facial structure and eye shape. Round or square faces should wear rectangular frames, while oval faces should wear round frames or square frames with rounded corners in order to best show off their features.

  • Pay Attention to the Overall Proportion of the Frame

When determining the shape of your frames, you should pay attention to the overall proportion of the frame in relation to your facial features. For example, if you have a round face and are looking for a flattering style, then you may want something that doesnt extend too far beyond your temples so that it wont make your face look even broader. 

On the other hand, if you have a square or heart-shaped face and are looking for glasses with some flair to them, then you may want something that extends past your temples so it will help soften the angles of your face.

Wrapping Up

The best eyeglass frames are the ones that will suit your needs, personality, and budget. In order to find the perfect pair of frames for you, it is important to know what your options are. First and foremost, keep in mind that there are many different styles of frames available to suit any taste or preference. 

For example, if you have a round face, then a rectangular frame is probably not going to work for you because it will only accentuate your roundness. Similarly, if you have a square face, then round frames may be better suited for you as they will soften your features and make them appear more feminine.

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