Check How to Choose the Best Dietary Supplements

The current industrialization of food production and the frequent consumption of highly processed products make it difficult to provide the nutrients necessary for the body. For this reason, more and more people choose dietary supplements. Supplementation is sometimes needed, but if you use ready-made preparations, you have to be careful. Swallowing a pill or capsule is easier than sticking to a healthy diet, but we should actually start with healthy and balanced meals. Before we buy the supplement, we should perform preventive laboratory tests that will inform us about the level of elements in the body, such as iron, magnesium, sodium, or potassium. But what to do if supplementation is advisable or even necessary? Check how to properly choose supplements, both in terms of safety and effectiveness.

What are the ingredients of good supplements?

The ingredients of supplements should be developed based on research or recommendations of experts – doctors, nutritionists, or physiotherapists. The most reliable preparations are products of companies with documented research results, both their own and independent centers. 

When choosing supplements containing ingredients of plant origin, it is worth taking a look at the so-called standardization, i.e., an equal portion of ingredients contained in each portion of the product. Such information should be on the packaging or on the supplement’s leaflet.

Many people do not know what vitamins and minerals to choose and how much to use – so they choose complex preparations. Although it is undoubtedly a practical and convenient solution, it is worth following the golden rule, which says that both deficiency and excess can be harmful. Therefore, preparations with a complex composition are best-used ad hoc or temporarily and avoid long-term use. 

As in the case of food, the best supplements can be considered those that have the shortest possible composition (if they are not complex preparations). A good example of such products is YourSecretIs supplements. The fewer fillers, preservatives, and food colorings in the preparation, the better because some of them are unnecessary and do not have a positive effect on our health. 

How do we know supplements work?

Good supplements should include tables of NRV (Nutrient Reference Value) values for each active ingredient. Before starting supplementation, make sure that you do not exceed the daily requirement for a given ingredient, especially if you take several preparations at the same time. NRV is a percentage that determines the daily requirement for minerals and vitamins in a single serving of the preparation. This indicator was developed based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on nutrition standards for adults.

NRV value is an approximate value, but the producers of high-quality supplements constantly monitor the WHO recommendations and conduct their own research, allowing for continuous updating of the ingredients of the products. Thanks to this, the preparations are more effective, although we usually have to wait even a few weeks for the visible effects of supplementation. 

What is the best form of dietary supplements?

Which supplements work best – those in the form of pills, capsules, gummies, effervescent tablets, or liquids? It is hard to answer this question because the forms of the preparations are best adapted to your preferences. That is why supplements come in such a multitude of forms that everyone can comfortably take them. It will be appreciated by parents of young children or people who have problems swallowing pills. In the case of preparations with the same ingredients, the choice of form does not matter much, as long as it is not dictated by the age of recipients (children’s products in the form of syrups will have slightly different ingredients than pills for adults). Most often, it is the liquids or powders that contain the least amount of additives. Pills or gummies, for example, may contain gelatin to maintain their firmness and hardness. 

The position of the company on the market also in some way indicates the quality of the products. The supplements of YourSecretIs company are noteworthy because it specializes in the production of preparations with carefully tested and proven ingredients. They have a rich assortment that will comprehensively take care of your body.

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