Best Apps to track the packages on Android and iOS

Tracking a package is a very arduous and time-consuming task in many cases. And even though the tech is so advanced now, very few people are actually using it to its fullest. In many cases, the shipping service provider just relies on tracking number in their database and hope that their customer actually receives their package. A lot of online shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc., also rely on a robust delivery logistics system and forwarders and take care of delivery details such as arrival tracking, and driver confirmation.

Best Android and iOS Apps to Track the packagess

These days, the shipping companies are even relying on drones, delivery robots, parcel lockers, parcel package, and even robot receptionists to get a better grip of track the packages or tracking your parcel. The easiest and quickest way to track your package is with Packaging Tracker  apps . Here we list the best Packaging Tracker  apps  for Android and iOS.

Packaging Tracker  – Track Pro

Get real-time updates about “Track my Package”. Track your package on Amazon, eBay, UPS, Fed Ex and many more. You can get real-time notifications of every activity on your tracking app. You will get customized email notifications and be alerted if your package has been delivered, or if you can track it down.

Drone by Parcel Motive

Assembling drone for tracking? Ever wanted to know what all is involved in the packing and shipping of a package? You can answer these questions now with this useful drone application.

UPS Tracking

Get UPS track-and-track updates for your package on UPS app. Now it is easy to keep up with your UPS shipment. You can see the status of your package on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. You can also view the tracking updates of your deliveries via the UPS mobile app, web site, Facebook and Twitter feeds. Now, you can track your package on UPS website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps. Get the status of your UPS delivery on the UPS app and see a map of your local delivery. Track the packages delivery status with real-time alerts.

ParcelMotive by Parcel Motive

Connect to the best and most experienced courier companies and receivers, track the packages your items at one place. Order shipping packages online and let delivery services get your packages to you in safe and on time. Packaging Tracker  will send you live updates, tracking info on package status.

Reset Your Tracking

This is the ultimate tracker app. Reset your shipment and put things back to normal and you will forget you ever used this app. The Packaging Tracker will let you know about any changes that need to be made.

Tracking 10Folders

Discover your document in real-time. Retrieve a 2K file. Track all your project files and receive alerts for each file update.

Uberforpackaging – Packaging Tracker

Search and track your packages at this simple and efficient Packaging Tracker . You can login to Track10Folders directly on any device. Packaging Tracker  tracks your packages through GPS using carrier pigeons and RFID.

Packaging Tracker  2

If you would like to track your package in real time or you want to see information about your package in the Notification Center, then Packaging Tracker  2 is perfect for you.

Packaging Tracker  3

Get your package delivered on time. Use Packaging Tracker  3 App to get live updates about the status of your package delivery. You can receive notification if your package has been delivered.

UPS Track

Track the packages delivery status in real time. You will receive notifications whenever you get a notification regarding package status on the Packaging Tracker  app, update the tracking number, forward shipping instructions and email you the new tracking number with a click of a button. Track the packages delivery status on any smart phone.

UPS Customer App

Get up to the minute tracking status of your UPS package delivery. UPS tracking service is the easiest and most reliable way to know when your package will arrive at your door. For anyone with a delivery driver, receiving a notification that your package is on its way can mean the difference between being able to relax on the couch, and actually getting it delivered in a timely manner. 

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UPS Delivery Status

Plan a UPS delivery to your neighborhood. Track your UPS delivery through Packaging Tracker . You can quickly get UPS delivery schedule, tracking information and delivery location by entering your zip code. You can track a UPS package through real time tracking. Track the packages delivery status for $59 per year.


Track your packages when you’re not home. Get updates on delivery. You will receive notifications when your package is shipped and will receive updated tracking information as your package is on its way.

Deliv for Prime

Get package delivery notifications through Deliv for Prime service. Packaging Tracker  for Prime provides delivery notifications. You can receive updates when you place a delivery order for a Deliv package. If you order, you will receive real time delivery notifications, as well as a GPS-enabled tracking device and an on-demand, self-driving vehicle.

Crucialbits Track3

It’s important to have good package tracking software and this package tracking app is easy to use. It’s available for free and comes with a premium version that costs $2.99 for a one-year subscription. Track3 features both iPhone and Android versions.


Packaging Tracker apps are simple to use and allow you to keep tabs on every aspect of your shipments. To ensure the smoothest and safest delivery, these apps often have a chat feature that allows you to speak directly to the carrier. If you find yourself needing to connect with them quickly, we recommend using a feature like text messaging, which only takes a few seconds to send a request and guarantees delivery within 1 to 3 days. As one of the best ways to handle these shipments is by using a package tracking app.


The next time you need to handle a shipment from Amazon, Google, UPS, or any other large online retailer, consider using these apps to ensure your customers receive their items in a timely fashion.

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