Berlin-based Camunda, which makes open source process automation tools, raises €82M Series B led by Insight Partners and says it has 400 enterprise customers (Ron MillerTechCrunch)

Berlin-Based Camunda Series Insight Partnersmillertechcrunch

Berlin-based Camunda, which makes open source process automation tools, raises €82M Series B led by Insight Partners and says it has 400 enterprise customers  —  It’s clear that automated workflow tooling has become increasingly important for companies.

In this article berlinbased camunda series insight partnersmillertechcrunch we know about Open-source process automation software company Camunda has announced the closing of a EUR82 million Series B round. This round of funding, led by Insight Partners, brings the company’s total funding to $126 million. The funding was led by Highland Europe and Insight Partners.

$98 million in Series B round

Open source process automation software company Camunda has raised a Series B round of funding for its business. Insight Partners led the round, which is worth approximately $98 million. This fresh round of funding will be used to accelerate the company’s growth across the globe. This is the third round of funding the company has received in the past few years.

Camunda is a Berlin-based company that specializes in business process automation. Its Series B round was led by Insight Partners and followed by Highland Europe. Other recent investments made by the Berlin-based company include the acquisition of Cloud Elements, which offers API automation. In addition, ServiceNow announced the acquisition of cybersecurity startup Intellibot, as part of its broader strategy to automate workflow.

Camunda has 270 employees and has around 400 customers, including Goldman Sachs, Lufthansa, Universal Music Group, and Orange. The company’s investors, including Insight Partners, see a huge market opportunity in Camunda’s open platform for process automation. The company’s customers are using Camunda to improve their customer experience and business agility.

Camunda is a developer-friendly process automation platform that enables global market leaders to design and automate business processes across different platforms and infrastructures. This enables them to deliver better customer experiences and faster time-to-value. It also helps them overcome legacy roadblocks that stand in the way of digital transformation. With its end-to-end automation platform, organizations can easily integrate Camunda with existing systems, architectures, and people.

The company plans to invest the new capital to grow its operations in various areas and expand its presence in various markets. It currently operates in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, and plans to expand into other markets in 18-24 months. The new funds will allow the company to increase its reach by enabling merchants to accept cardless payments and offer a buy-now-pay-later option.

Customers include global market leaders

Companies from a variety of industries choose CMS to meet their air quality and pollution control needs. These customers include Fortune 500 companies in chemical, metals, minerals, industrial materials, pharma, agricultural products, and food and beverage industries. In addition, CMS serves air quality control and other environmental materials. To learn more about the diverse market leaders of CMS, read about the company’s customer list below.

Open-source software company

Camunda’s Zeebe workflow engine is the key to the company’s cloud-based BPMS-as-a-service offering. It reinvents workflow with cloud-native principles, running as microservices on Kubernetes. This allows developers to choreograph microservices into workflows, while taking advantage of massive horizontal scalability. Zeebe also addresses the “pinball machine” problem that plagues many event-driven microservices, where messages bounce from one microservice to the next without any order or consistency.

The new funding will allow Camunda to scale globally. The company has already seen growth in its customer base and its partner program, including more than 100 partners worldwide. The new funds will enable the company to continue its growth and further enhance its software solutions for business process management. The company plans to use the money to build new products and expand its global partner network.

Camunda offers end-to-end process automation with a developer-friendly, standards-based approach to building, deploying, and managing software applications. With the company’s platform, users gain increased visibility into their business operations and system resilience. Its user base includes companies such as Allianz, ING, and Vodafone. The software enables users to design mission-critical business processes from end-to-end and integrate them into software applications with ease and scale.

Camunda has offices in Berlin, San Francisco, and Denver. The company develops open source workflow automation and decision platforms to help businesses manage business operations across diverse systems. Its software products are distributed and accessible via REST. It also provides an online tasklist that helps end users manage assigned tasks. Moreover, it adds additional visibility to processes that are powered by Camunda Workflow Engine.

Customer community engagement

Cloud-based automation software provider Camunda has raised EUR82 million in a Series B round led by Insight Partners. The company, which focuses on customer community engagement, aims to automate and optimise end-to-end business processes. Its ultimate value proposition is to speed up time-to-value for clients.


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