Breakdown in Yugioh Battle of Chaos

The first core booster for 2022,Yugioh Battle of Chaos contains over one hundred new cards. It also introduces a brand-new Fusion Monster, Dark Magician, and new Ritual Monsters. There are even new cards for the Dragon form of Timaeus. New Nordic monsters, Burst of Destiny, and Chilling strategies are also included, along with the World Premiere theme.


Battle of Chaos is a new expansion for the popular Yugioh card game. The expansion includes many new cards with new features. The new cards include new boss monsters and a new field spell. The field spell helps you recover monsters that you have played previously and also reduces the power of your opponent’s monsters.

The new expansion features new cards, new themes, and a whole new playstyle. It also introduces new versions of some classic cards, giving them new life. This expansion also introduces a new starlight single, booster packs, and a special Battle of Chaos booster box. If you’re not sure what to expect from Yugioh Battle of Chaos, keep reading to learn more about the new Game.

The new Battle of Chaos booster set introduces over 100 new cards to the Yu-Gi-Oh! world. It also introduces Magikuriboh, the new Level 10 Swordsoul Synchro Monster, and several new Nordic Relic cards. The set also includes the new World Premiere theme and a new set of accessories for Kuriboh Kollection.


Breakdown in Yugioh battle of chaos is a booster set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. It is the seventh set in the 11th series and features the Dinomorphia archetype, the first support for the Lady of Lament archetype, and many new cards. Battle of Chaos is a new, exciting set that introduces new card types and archetypes.


Yu-Gi-Oh! battle of chaos is a tcg for players who enjoy the popular card game. This new version of the card game was released in 2022 and focuses on the classic Duel Monsters archetypes. It also includes a new Trap-based strategy and supports several older archetypes such as the Icejade.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle of Chaos Deck Guide

Battle of Chaos is the seventh Core Booster of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. This set contains cards of the DARK race. It contains Level 3 DARK Psychic, Level 2 DARK Cyberse, Level 4 DARK Fairy, and Level 8 DARK Spellcaster.

Level 3 DARK Psychic

The DARK Psychic in Yugioh has a DARK Attribute, and is powerful against the opponent. If your opponent has a Level 3 DARK Psychic monster in their graveyard, they cannot Special Summon it. If this is the case, you can Special Summon Leafplace Plaice, a Level 3 DARK Psychic. In addition to summoning itself, it can also be Special Summoned from your hand. You can also use Mad Hacker, a Level 2 DARK Cyberse, as a DARK Psychic monster. This monster can take control of your opponent’s monster with the lowest ATK and DEF. The drawback of Leafplace Plaice is that it cannot activate any effects, and you cannot summon Link Monsters with it.

Luckily, this creature also has an interesting effect. If you’re low on life, it can banish a card in your opponent’s hand. However, it’s only useful if you’re not a level below your opponent, as it has no effect if your opponent’s active effect is higher than yours. Alternatively, if you’re low on life points, use Psychic Lifetrancer to top up your life points.

The Dictator of D. is a Level 4 DARK Spellcaster that lets you choose which monsters you want to attack. This card can be Special Summoned from your hand or your Deck, and can target your opponent’s monsters. It can also Special Summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon, so be careful with it!

Level 3 DARK Psychic is one of the strongest cards in Yugioh Battle of Chaos. This Spellcaster can also be used to summon other monsters. It can also be Synchro Summoned. It requires three different DARK monsters. Whenever it is used, it can destroy a monster that your opponent controls, making it a powerful card.

Neiroy, the Dream Mirror Traitor is a Level 3 DARK Psychic monster. It is a monster that can be Special Summoned. This monster can also banish monsters in your opponent’s graveyard. You can also use Neiroy to tribute another monster that is part of a Dream Mirror.

Level 2 DARK Cyberse

Cyberse is one of the new types of monsters that have made their way into Yugioh Battle of Chaos. This sub-type of monsters are weak against light monsters, and they have the added bonus of having low ATK. They are also good at Link Summoning, and they can give you some really good setups. However, they need a Deck to reach their full potential.

Cyberse is primarily used in Link Summon. This is because of its revival ability, which can target Link Monsters. Cyberse Witch is an excellent choice if you’re planning to summon two Cyberse Monsters.

Level 4 DARK Fairy

You can summon a DARK Fairy using your Deck and summon it as a Tribute Card. Its effect is to deal 600 effect damage to your opponent’s team. You can also Special Summon this monster by banishing all your monsters. The card has 2600 ATK and can mutilate your opponent’s team.

You can also use the new ritual monster, the Illusion of Chaos. This new monster is a great help when battling your opponent’s monsters. It negates any effect they may have on your turn. This spell can be used by a player who has a DARK Fairy or a DARK Magician.

Level 8 DARK Spellcaster

The Level 8 DARK Spellcaster is the master of chaos. This monster is tied to the Magical Dimensions and adds a Spellcaster-Type monster to your hand when it is Special Summoned or Normal Summoned. It can also draw cards equal to how many Spellcaster Monsters you control and add them to your Deck. The Master of Chaos also has the ability to tribute monsters. It also has a powerful effect that banishes all cards controlled by your opponent.

Level 8 DARK Spellcasters are a powerful class in Yugioh. These powerful monsters are great at getting rid of monsters and dealing damage to your opponent. They can even be used to counter monsters that your opponent owns. It is easy to gain the upper hand in Yugioh battle of chaos with a DARK Spellcaster, especially if you can get the monsters in your hand in a single turn.

The Level 8 DARK Spellcaster can be useful against opponents with a variety of deck types. A DARK Spellcaster can be Special Summoned from the hand, or it can be Special Summoned from the Deck. It can also attack monsters in your opponent’s graveyard, and can also be Special Summoned from the graveyard.

If you are looking for a good Dark Spellcaster to fight your opponents with, you can try the Dark Magician. You can use this monster to attack your opponent. Its abilities are great at destroying opponents’ decks, and he can Special Summon it from hand.

The Dark Magician is one of the most iconic creatures in Yu-Gi-Oh! and has a lot of support cards that make him a very potent spellcaster. It is a unique monster that can be special summoned for practically nothing, and is the perfect addition to spellcaster-only decks. Despite its age, the Dark Magician is still one of the most popular cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! and continues to get new cards for its Archetype.

Yugioh Battle of Chaos Booster Pack Card List

Booster packs are the latest way to acquire Yu-Gi-Oh, Battle of Chaos cards. These packs contain nine cards each and come in 24 packs per box, giving you a total of 216 cards. You can also purchase these boxes from the Amazon website. You can find Yu-Gi-Oh, Battle of chaos packs online in a Booster Box, which can be a great way to get more cards at a lower price.

Libromancer Geek Boy

The card “Libromancer Geek Boy” is a Ritual Theme card. As such, it can only be Special Summoned once per turn. The ability to use materials on the field to summon Ritual Summons is one of its unique benefits.


Magikuriboh is the new Kuriboh variant introduced in Yugioh battle of chaos. This monster can be Special Summoned and is useful for defeating Dark Magicians. This card also has a recurrence ability and can be added back to your hand from your graveyard.

The Dark Magician will have additional support in Battle of Chaos, with new Rituals and Fusion Monsters. Although it’s not currently a top-tier meta archetype, it has been around for many years and will get more support in the new expansion. The Dark Magician has been a staple of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series for a long time, and its new support will help increase its usage in the game.

Dimension Conjurer

If you want to add a little more magic to your deck, you may want to add Dimension Conjurer to it. This unique card can be Normal or Special Summoned. It also has a special ability that allows it to draw cards equal to the number of Spellcaster Monsters you control. In addition, it can place cards from your hand onto your Deck. It can only be used once per turn.

Battle of Chaos is the seventh set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. It introduces 3 new archetypes: Dinorphia, “Libromancer”, and “Doll Monster”. The Dinorphia archetype features giant robot dinosaurs and humanoids with dinosaur-like augmentations. This archetype can be very powerful against opponents with low life totals. The other archetype is the “Doll Master”. This card has toy-themed effects, and revolves around bringing out Rank four, six, and eight Monsters.

The Dimension Conjurer is a monster from the Battle of Chaos. It’s one of the most powerful monsters in the game. It can summon any monster with a power equal to its own level. It can also support other creatures, such as Dark Magician. It can also summon creatures from your opponent’s graveyard.

Timaeus the United Dragon

Timaeus the United Dragon is a Level 8 LIGHT dragon that can be Special Summoned from your hand. He is also a Fusion Summonable monster. This monster requires a Spellcaster to fusion summon. If you’re looking for a way to add Timaeus to your deck, this is it!

The combo that Timaeus has going for it involves Rod, Souls, and Dragon Knight. Using Rod to search out Magician’s Salvation will set up a Dragon Knight with Eternal Soul. The Soul Servant will then provide Timaeus with fodder. Finally, the Dark Magician will bring out the Dragon Knight.

The card’s text mentions the Dark Magician, which makes it a versatile ritual spell. Another benefit to Chaos Form is the ability to search for any blue card. This ability is unique in that it mentions the Dark Magician in its text, and if your opponent’s opponent has a Dark Magician in play, you can sacrifice him to find the card you want. This card is also a fusion monster that has a built-in card advantage preservation.

Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon

The Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon is a free special summon with 3000 ATK. It is a great problem-solver and combo partner and has the potential to be a thorn in your opponent’s side. Its ability to bounce cards helps it be very effective as well, and when combined with Trade-In, it can be a devastating force. If you have trouble using this card, you can search it with White Stone of Ancients or The Melody of Awakening Dragon to find a powerful combo.

When you use Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon, you’ll be able to special summon it from either your hand or graveyard, and its after effect destroys one card that your opponent controls. This powerful card will be a great counter to any other creature in your opponent’s deck. It is also a great choice if you’re looking for a monster that can destroy other monsters.

The Blue-Eyes Jet Dragon is one of the most powerful dragons in the game. It has 3,000 ATK and zero DEF, and three powerful effects that complement the strategy of Blue-Eyes. It can also special summon itself and protect important cards on the field. Because of its high protection and offense, it is an excellent choice for any Blue-Eyes deck.

Icejade Creation Kingfisher

One of the most powerful monsters in the Icejade Creation deck is the Icejade Creation Kingfisher, a card that gives your Water monsters the ability to attack while in Defense Position. Its special summoning effect makes it a good counter against extra deck monsters without negating their effects. It also has a cheat out effect and can be bounced, so it can be very useful in a water-centric deck.

The Icejade Creation Kingfisher is a Level 9 Water/Aqua monster with a 2500 ATK/Def. It is one of the few cards in the game that gives your Water/Aqua monsters an uncommon ability to attack in Defense Position. It can also use its defense to calculate its damage.

Neiroy the Dream Mirror Traitor

The ‘Neiroy the Dream Mirror Traitor’ card can be played as a Normal Summon or Special Summon. It’s also a Tributo. It can sacrifice one of your other “Dream Mirror” monsters. It can only be used once per turn, though.

Epigonen the Impersonation Invader

Epigonen the Impersonation Invasion is a Level 7 LIGHT Rock that can use Tributed monsters to attack. It can also Special Summon Epigonos Token, which has the same Type and Attribute as the monster it tributed. In addition, it can also Special Summon a Level 6 WATER Dinosaur named Submareed Tour Ride to protect Normal Monsters from destruction.

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