AWS Certifications to Fast-track Your Career

AWS Certifications, Numerous organizations these days are shifting their workloads to the public cloud. Due to this; cloud computing has transformed from a nice-to-have to a main competency in the enterprise. The shift needs particular expertise of candidates for innovating, implementing, and taking care of other applications in the field of Cloud Computing. Many analysts consider AWS as the thought leader and the point of reference for all their competitors. Amazon Web Services are considered the market leader as well as the most mature provider in the field of Cloud Computing. The following certification also has numerous benefits for the candidates going for the following. Amazon Web Services continues to lead the public cloud implementation in the year 2020. AWS now offers 12 credentials that cover both specialty and foundational cloud computing issues.

AWS helps candidates to enhance their careers to a great extent. Cloud Computing helps modern companies in numerous ways. AWS is the best certification that plays an exceptional role in the field of cloud computing. Cloud Computing is an essential need for organizations for smooth functioning and effective productivity. Cloud Computing helps in reducing the hardware expenses of the companies. In the meanwhile, it increases the productivity of the software engineers that are tasked with the well-being of the organizational framework. The certification of AWS also boosts the career of individuals.

In this article, we will discuss some AWS certifications that the candidates can use for their benefit.

  1. AWS Cloud Practitioner certification: 

The learning path of the following certification will include important security concepts. The following will also teach the candidates to make use of best practices along with the Shared Responsibility Model. The candidates will get to know about many new things which will help them to benefit our career. The following certification is meant for those individuals who aspire to gain basic knowledge regarding Cloud Practices along with their technical details.

  • AWS Certified Developer- Associate:

The AWS certified developer- associate learning path has proven to be beneficial for numerous students who aspire to master the Cloud Computing field. The following credential is important for the candidates who are preparing for the certification exam of AWS. The following has helped many candidates to get an overview of the cloud computing sector. The AWS Certified Developer- Associate certification lays more emphasis on enhancing practical knowledge rather than the theoretical one.

  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator- Associate:

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator course provides more than 40 hours of the online training course, which includes video courses and other practical courses. The training course the following has been developed to help the aspiring candidates to study hard for the AWS certification course and other cloud computing fields. The certification of AWS Certified SysOps Administrator- Associate demonstrates the capability of the candidates for implementation of AWS solutions for varying situations of Cloud Computing.

  • AWS Solutions Architect- Associate (SAA-C02):

The learning path of the AWS Solutions Architect- Associate (SAA-C02) is particularly designed for the candidates to prepare for the Cloud Computing fields and come up with new solutions for the emerging issues. The following covers all the core competencies which are required across all the domains mentioned in the exam blueprint. With this learning course, the candidates will come across numerous courses that would boost both their practical and theoretical knowledge in the cloud computing field.

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  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional:

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional, is one of the finest certifications when it comes to cloud computing. The following certification provides 60 hours of interactive learning courses for the candidates. The following certification enhances the practical as well as the conceptual knowledge of the candidates in various regions of Cloud Computing. The following certification training courses also provide video training to the candidates. The training content of the following certification course has been developed to help the candidates to study for the Amazon Web Services certification.

  • AWS Certification Solutions Architect- Professional:

The AWS Certification Solutions Architect- Professional certification is specifically innovated to help the candidates get ready for the AWS certification. The training course of the following certification provides 70 hours of the interactive course to the candidates—the following training course, both practical and conceptual knowledge to the candidates regarding Cloud Computing. The following certification helps the candidates to demonstrate their capability to architect and implement AWS solutions for varying situations of Amazon Web Services.


In this article, the candidates can get a basic understanding of various certifications of Amazon Web Services, which could help them to enhance and boost their careers to a great extent.

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