5 things to consider when choosing a refrigerated display case

The right food presentation boosts sales. That is why a visually pleasing food display is the centre of any confectionery, cafe, canteen or restaurant. A refrigerated display case can be used as a storage for seafood, salads, fruits, drinks, bottles of wine, cakes and pastries. It not only draws attention to the meals, cakes or drinks you are offering but also provides the right temperature for the food. Here is everything you need to know when choosing the right refrigerated display case for your business. [obraz_1]

5 things to consider when choosing a refrigerated display case for your business 

1.     Quality
There is nothing worse than equipment with a high failure rate. In gastronomy infallibility of equipment is a must. Failure of a refrigerated display case is dangerous for your clients and can result in food poisoning. It also means additional costs. Choose a high-quality refrigerated display case that is resistant to breakage. Focus on reliable materials such as stainless steel and glass. 

2.     Right size
When choosing professional gastronomic equipment take into account your daily needs and the available space. Professional refrigeration equipment might be expensive, but if you choose the right one, it will surely pay off.

3.     Easy to clean
The safety of food is crucial. Choose professional equipment with which you will easily maintain hygiene.

4.     Functionality and adaptability
Change is the only constant. If your business can be characterized by seasonality or your offer can change with time, you might want to invest in a refrigerated display case with regulated shelves. This way your refrigerated display case will adapt easily and serve you many years to come.

5 things to consider when choosing a refrigerated display case


5. Visual aspect
The interior of your gastronomic business must be coherent. Choose a refrigerated display case that is functional and in the right aesthetic. Make sure the display is equipped with LED lights. Contemporary models are often really well designed. If you are searching for a modern, high-quality piece of professional equipment for a confectionery we recommend CARAMEL LUXURY refrigerated display case by Gastroprodukt. It is functional, elegant, meets current trends and comes with 16% off.

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