15 Beginners Blogging Tips to Make You Best Blogger

A blog is basically a journal that is available on a website. The activity of updating a blog is called blogging and anyone who writes a blog is called a blogger. With a blog, we can spread the word all over the world. So in this article, we will learn about Beginners Blogging Tips.

15 Beginners Blogging Tips to Make You Best Blogger

It is not easy to be a successful blogger these days as the competition in the field of blogs has become huge. The most important thing to become a good blogger is to have a thorough knowledge of this field.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, let us tell you about the Top Most Beginners Blogging one by one.

1- Love What you Write:

So you know you can energize because make money from blogs but if you have no passion behind it then there is no point in trying to monetize your blog. If you are writing about something and you do not like to write it, no one will read or share your post. Blogging is a Creative Outlet. And it’s a great way to get your personality and your voice out to the world. Many of us start thinking that blogging is hard.  There is not much time and just think of quitting blogging.

It happens to all of us sometimes so we have to take a little blogging break. We all need to do something different sometimes. Use your time to re-energizebecause blogging is a journey. And it has many different phases that make you want to like whatever you are writing.

2- Focus on Helping Others:

People have many reasons to write a blog. Some people tell their stories, some give reviews, some educate. There can be any reason behind a blog.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. People search Google for the answer to any question. If the answer to their question is found in your blog, how good it is. And you know what happens when you start helping others.

-People will share your blog post.

-People will comment on your blog post.

-People will want to connect with your blog and follow you.

And that way you can grow your visitors.

3- Have a Big Plan:

In the beginning, you need to know about full-time blogging. Basically, you need to know what you need in blogging, then you need to know about emailing, social media marketing, and monetization. But after all, once you know everything about blogging, you need to think a lot.  You have to ask yourself why you want to blog and where you want your blog to look five years from now?

You have to think of the whole long-term project to achieve your goal. This will definitely help in improving the quality and content of your blog so you can stay focused on your blog. Once you know what your goal is, it will be easier for you to accomplish your goal.

4- Figure out Your Brand:

When a beginner blogger is going to develop his brand, he should know that being a blogger means your brand means your personality, your voice, your thinking. Everything you put on your website is graphics, blogs or whatever.  It shows that you want to tell the public all the things they want to see on your website. So you have to first look at your topic, look at your mood and then your voice. If you like your topic, go ahead.

5- Have a Content Plan:

15 Beginners Blogging Tips to Make You Best Blogger

This is a very important Beginner Blogging Tip. When you start blogging, you should have a content plan of what topic you are going to write about next time. If you follow content planning, this planning will also make it easier for you to write a blog and you will already know what you are going to write, so there will not be much tension.

6- Pay Attention to SEO:

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. And it helps to bring your blog to the Google rankings. If someone searches your question on Google and your blog shows up in response, how nice it is. It is not possible for a new blogger to get this position quickly Because it is a bit difficult to have command over SEO but it is very important for you to understand SEO. Think of yourself as an SEO, not for a position, but for your audience.  If you write explaining to the audience, they can also like your post very much.

7- Use Social Media Groups to Share your Posts:

This is also a very important blogging tip. Our audience will only meet on social media. Most audiences use social media to stay updated so be sure to share your blog post on social media. This track is perfect for beginner bloggers to build traffic to their blog through social media. If you want to get your website ranked in Google, don’t avoid social media at all.

8- Write in-depth articles:

You know, only 2000+ word articles are in the best position in Google rankings. There are no more days when 500word articles can take you to Google rank. Google always gives the best information to its users and ranks only those websites which have quality as well as important information. If you are writing 10 short articles a month, it is better that you write only 2 or 3 long articles a month. This can benefit you for a long time.

9- Priority to Growing your Email List:

We always see that bloggers are increasing their fan followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is not at all profitable to bring traffic to your blog. Email is the most important priority for your website. Think for yourself Facebook can down your page if you violate the role of Facebook because Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not your own. Anyone can take down your page if you go against their terms and conditions.

But nothing happens in the email list. You are the owner of the email list. No one can down your email list. You have full authority to control your email list, so you should spend time expanding your email subscribers.  Not Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

10- Learn to Adapt to New Things:

I have been blogging for a long time and in this journey, I have learned a lot and if you are a beginner blogger then this is also a very important beginner blogging tip for you that you should follow in every situation. If you want to become a blogger, you have to spend five hours a day blogging, one hour of which you must do daily blogging study.

This is how you can study:

-Blog Spot


-Facebook Groups




12- Be Authentic:

When a new blogger starts blogging, it is very easy for him to copy other blogger’s language styles, image styles, etc. You read a lot of bloggers’ posts for a long time. And then when you start writing your blog, a lot of things going on in your mind at the same time that you can’t even blog as well as you should.

It will take you a while to find your language style. You can be a friendly type of blogger, you can be a teacher type or you can be funny. Your style can be anything.

13- Get Down with Affiliate Marketing:

You may have heard in the blog tips that start affiliate marketing. That’s just because there are 1000+ pins that you can easily earn 1000$ from your blog. When you learn about affiliate marketing in depth, you will know how easy it is to make money from a blog. It doesn’t work much in the beginning but after a while when there will be some more traffic from your blog it will work. Social media is a very easy way to promote affiliate marketing.

14- Maybe also Offer a Service:

If you really want to make money from a blog, you need to consider what services you can offer. In any subject, you have complete knowledge.

For Example New Born Sleeping, Health and Wellness, Exercising, etc. So you can also become an online coach. You can also become a writer or a freelancer so you can earn money.

15- Have an Easy to Navigate Blog:

Always make sure that your blog post is not bothering anyone, it will have a negative effect on your visitor. If your site’s ad pops up, again and again, the visitor becomes very irritated. When you write a blog, focus on your audience and what they like. And only give important news, don’t give unnecessary guides as it can have a negative impact on your website.

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