SecuriThings, which builds a service to help manage IoT devices in large organizations, raises $14M Series A led by Aleph, bringing its total raised to $17M (Ron Miller/TechCrunch)

The 14M Series at SecuriThings Led by Aleph

This article is about 14m series aleph 17mmillertechcrunch. The 14M Series has been raised at SecuriThings led by Aleph. This round will bring in a total of $14M in equity. These are Series A and C rounds.

SecuriThings raises $14M Series B

The SecuriThings cloud security platform offers organizations a way to monitor and protect IoT devices in real-time. It uses machine and device behavior analytics to detect and mitigate threats in real-time. Through this innovative technology, it eliminates 70% of the manual work required to secure these devices. In addition, it adds risk models that are tailored to the IoT environment.

Founded in 2016 by Roi Chobadi and Andy Katz, the company has offices in the United States and Israel. It has developed an algorithm to automate the talent acquisition process. Currently, the company has 30 employees, and it plans to double the team by the end of the year.

Using behavior analytics, SecuriThings analyzes the way devices, people, and other systems behave. It then applies risk models based on this data to detect and mitigate threats. To date, the company has already monitored millions of devices globally. As a result, it has established partnerships with vendors, system integrators, and management systems. With this financing, the company is able to increase the functionality of the platform.

In addition to its platform, the company also provides an automated operations and maintenance solution for IoT devices. This is a problem that many organizations face, particularly those with large numbers of devices and many different third-party management systems. Using SecuriThings’ Horizon, organizations can easily monitor and secure their IoT devices and automate maintenance tasks. This can be viewed in a consolidated management view, so that organizations can have the peace of mind that their entire fleet of connected devices is protected.

The funding round was led by Aleph Venture Partners. In addition to this, GE Ventures, Portage Advisors llc, Portage Capital, Portage Healthcare, Firstime VC, and PTV Healthcare Capital participated. Other investors include Vertex Ventures US, Wing Venture Capital, and a number of angel investors.

As a result of this funding, the company is expanding its team, and will be able to expand its global presence. They will be able to increase the number of salespeople, as well as their product offerings.

The company is using the funding to enhance the functionality of its platform and to double their team. This will enable them to help their customers protect the devices that they manage and the data that they collect. A few examples of the solutions that the company provides are:

Using AI, SecuriThings is able to monitor the behavior of a device, and then automatically respond to any anomalies. By using this technology, they can thwart attacks before they occur. For example, they have already deployed their Horizon in major airports. Since implementing this solution, they have been able to identify suspicious behavior and thwart more than 24 billion compliance policy violations.

With the support of this new funding, SecuriThings will be able to continue developing its software and focusing on further enhancing its IoT cloud security technology. These developments will allow the company to expand its global footprint and serve more organizations.

SecuriThings raises $14M Series C

SecuriThings is a company from Tel Aviv that makes IoT-related software. The company’s products include an IoTOps solution that monitors and controls IoT devices globally. It also has a product that automates the operation of managed IoT devices. They will use the funds to expand their platform and grow their team.

There are many software and service companies in the IoT space, but SecuriThings has taken the best of the bunch and combined them into one comprehensive solution. This includes the capabilities of orchestration, automation, visibility and security. Their flagship product is the SecuriThings Horizon, which combines automated operations with risk detection for managed IoT devices. Unlike traditional solutions, it enables companies to monitor and protect their connected devices from the cloud.

Another cool thing about SecuriThings is their proprietary AI technology, which eliminates 70 percent of the manual security work that goes into protecting your connected devices. Moreover, they boast a full suite of analytics tools to give customers a more holistic view of their connected world.

Several other startups that made the rounds last week included DataGrail, Immersive Labs, and Brave Health. All three of these companies have raised a lot of money, and are expected to be among the most successful startups to come out of the Bay Area.

Another company that is on the rise is Teridion Technologies, Ltd. The Israeli company has grown its revenues by almost 350 percent in the last year. For example, the company has received $25 million in equity funding, and plans to use this cash to further develop its platform. Specifically, the firm is looking to double its global team.

Another startup that is on the rise is Vivun, which provides a SaaS product to automate presales processes. According to the company, it has a database of 7 million protected servers. Vivun is also a leading provider of marketing automation and cloud-based marketing solutions for mid-sized and growing organizations.

Last, but certainly not least, is Copilot. This automated customer experience platform was started by two Israeli pilots and has grown into a fully-fledged cyber-security solutions provider.

To be fair, this company is a little over a year old, but they have already received several funding rounds. In addition to their recent Series C round, they have received a $27 million Series B. On the plus side, they have achieved a successful product launch, and their CEO has been promoted to Partner. That’s not to mention the fact that they have established partnerships with major device management systems and edge device vendors.

One of the most interesting things about SecuriThings is their vision for the future of cybersecurity. They are solving a big problem by combining the best of the Internet of Things, orchestration, observability, and security. As a result, they will be able to provide their customers with the most advanced software and services to protect their connected devices from hacks, theft and fraud.

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