10 Common Mistakes Beginners in Blogging

In this content, we will talk about Beginners Blogging mistakes

When a blogger makes a mistake on his blog, his blog flops very quickly. So today we will learn 10 blogging mistakes that bloggers should not do.

Beginners make a lot of mistakes in blogging, ignore the little things and think it’s not a big issue.

10 Common Mistakes Beginners in Blogging

10 Beginners Blogging Mistakes

Below are 10 important points that Beginners bloggers make mistakes. You need to take care of these 10 points in your blogging.

1- Add Links in Every Post

2- Not Select Multi-Topic

3- Unwanted Sentence

4- Post Style

5- Focus on Backlinks

16- Build Many Blogs

7- Time Waste on Social Media

8- Website Speed

9- Email Subscriber Widgets

10- Blog Link Exchange


1- Add Links in Every Post:

You must add a link related to your content in the blog. It is very important to add a link to the blog even on the basis of SEO. Not adding links is one of the biggest mistakes in the blogging mistake. Adding links Beginner bloggers always forget or don’t pay attention, you should put 5 to 10 links in each blog. An external link is to another website related to your content and an internal link is to another post of your own website related to your content. You can add both types of links to your blog post.

2- Not Select Multi-Topic:

Normally these Blogging mistakes is done by Beginners but sometimes it is also done by Popular Bloggers. Sometimes they don’t even notice that they are writing a blog related to a stream. Before you start blogging, you should carefully consider which stream you can take forward. Blogging related to different streams can read a bad effect on your visitor.

 Blogging related to the same stream should always be done. If you are just starting out with technology-related blogging then you should write articles related to the same stream.

3- Unwanted Sentence:

When writing a blog, you have to make sure that you are not giving any sentences in your blog apart from the topics of your article. Beginners always make this blogging mistake. They also add separate sentences to their topic to increase content length.  They also use bad words. This should not be done at all. All of these have a bad effect on the visitor. You should write related to your topic.

4- Post Style

There are many bloggers who copy other people’s website designs and copy other people’s blogging styles. This is very wrong. This is a Common Blogging Mistake. There are many bloggers who copy the blogging style of popular bloggers.

Before you start blogging you should think about your style, your theme color, your web design, your language style, your headline writing style. If your visitor likes your blogging style then this is a very easy way to increase traffic to your blog post.

5- Focus on Backlinks:

To be successful in blogging you need to get good traffic from SEO and backlinks are very important to get traffic from SEO. Backlinks are external links that if someone visits your website by clicking on a link from another website, you will get a backlink from another website. The more backlinks your blog has, the more traffic you can get from SEO. You can also gain popularity. The value of your blog can also increase. The best thing is that the more backlinks, the more your income can increase.

10 Common Mistakes Beginners in Blogging

6- Build Many Blogs

In order to be successful in blogging quickly, beginners make the common mistake of starting to write articles on 2-3 streams at a time. However, after some time, due to lack of regularity, they leave everything and start concentrating on one article after another.

So it should not be done at all. It is a waste of time because no one person can handle 2 or 3 articles at once. It would be better if you concentrate on a single article and move it forward. Do all the work on a single stream.

7- Time Waste on Social Media:

This mistake is done by Normally Beginners. To increase their visitors, they share the post on their blog on social media and increase their followers on social media. While it doesn’t do any good, it is a waste of time. It would be better to spend that much time on your blog.

All you have to do is follow the SEO when writing a blog and try to make the content high quality. If you pay attention to such a thing, your blog may come up in Google rankings very soon. You can also share it on social media, but don’t focus too much on it.

8- Website Speed:

The speed of the website is very important. Visitors visit the same website which opens quickly. 2-3 seconds too late so they can back up your website and visit another website.

If this happens to you then the bonus rate of your website may increase and increase means that it can have a direct effect on your income and may also affect your website in Google ranking. So it is very important to always keep your website optimized and keeping optimized will keep the speed of your website right. Optimizing a website can also increase traffic to your website.

9- Email Subscriber Widgets:

Email marketing is a way for you to increase traffic to your website. There are many bloggers who are taking advantage of websites using email marketing. You can also take advantage of using email marketing.

Beginners make such mistakes and don’t add email subscriber boxes to their website they don’t know about email marketing. While this is a great benefit for a blogger, it can also increase your income.

10- Blog Link Exchange:

A link exchange program is a very easy way to increase traffic to your website but it is as easy as it is difficult. It all works for a very short term and there are some serious issues. It also includes some webmasters who exchange links from 100-100 Times 100-100 websites.

Excessive link exchange can have a very bad effect on your website. Google can also take action against you. If you want to become a successful blogger, never make such a link exchange mistake. Here are more Beginners Mistakes.


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